Modern Home Builders Issue 126 April | Page 129

Uniland Corporation

The missing middle

Uniland Corporation ’ s Aaron Rosenhaus speaks about the importance of workforce housing

In 1926 , Sol Rosenhaus founded Uniland Corporation ( Uniland ) in Detroit , Michigan . The enterprise has gone on to become one of the oldest building companies in the region , and it proudly maintains complete family ownership . Today , the organization ’ s offerings include construction services , multifamily renovations , property management , and construction consulting . Aaron Rosenhaus , COO , sits down with Modern Home Builders to talk through 2022 operations , and the current challenges facing the homebuilding industry .

“ Our focus has remained on workforce housing and redevelopment , while navigating the turbulent state of today ’ s market ,” Aaron opens . “ We have continued our efforts in transforming non-habitable buildings into new workforce housing apartments , such as Euclid Haus , which will open this summer . As a sister property to Philadelphia Haus , it features thoughtful design and luxury finishes for the workforce housing demographic . Euclid Haus has high-grade interior finishes usually seen in luxury living such as quartz counter tops , finished hardwood floors , high-end appliances , in-unit laundry , high-efficiency HVAC , video security , and more , not aimed at the luxury individuals who often are the only ones who get to enjoy this kind of aesthetic .”
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