Modern Home Builders Issue 126 April | Page 127

ERT Group in a more livable and walkable community . Location is king and smaller houses allow for greater flexibility to spend those discretionary dollars on other elements of life . Younger pockets are looking for homes at delayed stages in life , in comparison to earlier decade generations , with more people staying in school longer and accruing more debt in the process . It ’ s more common for people to live longer with their folks , after which they come up against the affordability issues that have been caused by growing supply chain costs and now interest rates too . At some point , something ’ s got to give .
“ We ’ re currently trying to fight these issues up in Northern Michigan with a development project ,” Bradley explains . “ It ’ s a beautiful area full of lake-shore farms , vineyards , and farm-to-table restaurants , but it ’ s missing middle-housing options for both people who live there year round , and those shopping for a second home . It ’ s a place that our family has been connected to for over 100 years ; my grandparents summered up there , as did my dad , his cousins , and myself . The year-round
demand for the area increased post-Covid , with buyers looking to move to outdoor areas away from the big cities . So , we ’ re excited to help address this supply problem and deliver beautiful homes to an area that we love .
“ In going back to what my dad was saying ,” he concludes , “ most builders are going to build the same product over and over again , to the point that they have refined the entire process . I don ’ t know if it ’ s the lost artist in me , but I was so opposed to doing anything cookie cutter or repetitive when I joined six years ago , because I view architecture and structures as an inherent connection to our experience of the world . I think the biggest learning curve for me has been centered around how to execute this vision , whilst balancing the bottom line . We ’ re getting there , and I truly believe we ’ ve set the stage to bring high design and repeatable homes in a way that ’ s aligned with buyers ’ pocketbooks and preferences for the future .” ■
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